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Mar 19

Long time coming →

I have gone back and forth numerous times about this, I know this has been over a year and I should have explained myself (even if none of you would have cared).  I left without a trace except to a select few I told as the amount of ppl I followed was starting to give me panic attacks and was stressing me out.

If for some strange reason any of you remember and would like to follow me again, the link to my new blog is included.  I can’t guarantee I will follow back, as I’m trying to keep my following count down as to try and stay sane.  I’ve just been reminiscing a lot these past few days and feel bad about how I left this blog without so much as a warning then subsequently trying to be funny with the layout of this blog.

Even if no one cared I feel like I should have shown you the respect of letting you know where I got too, but the other way was mentally easier for me at the time.

Anyyyyyyyway yeah if you wanna continue following me I’m at that link and if not I wish you the best in life.

Regards, Mike!

Jul 19

Anonymous said: where did you go black beard?

Mar 07